Yamaha TF Update

Yamaha’s popular TF series with intuitive TouchFlow Operation™ gain significantly expanded audio networking capability with firmware update version 3.1, scheduled for release in March 1st 2017. The update will allow TF series equipped with an NY64-D Dante interface card to connect to audio networks such as Ravenna that support the AES67 audio-over-IP interoperability standard.

The Dante™ audio network solution by Audinate® was first adopted by Yamaha in 2012 for the CL series digital mixing consoles, and has been our network of choice for pro audio devices such as digital mixers, signal processors, power amplifiers, and more ever since. AES67 compatibility will allow Dante to communicate with a variety of other audio networks for even greater system flexibility.

The AES67 audio-over-IP interoperability standard was established by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) in September 2013. The Ravenna network by ALC NetworX is AES67 compatible, as are new products and updates for the Q-LAN network from QSC and the Livewire+ network from Axia Audio.

Audinate has already begun providing AES67 support in Dante, and Yamaha is in the process of updating Dante equipped products with corresponding device and Dante firmware updates. Updates have already been rolled out for the CL/QL series digital mixing consoles and R series I/O racks, and now update V3.1 adds AES67 support to the TF series digital mixing consoles. The new firmware also supports Dante Device Lock, allowing PIN based locking and unlocking of devices on a Dante network.

Yamaha pro audio business unit director Yoshi Tsugawa comments: “Continuing the process that began with updates for the CL/QL series mixers and R series I/O units last year, the new V3.1 update adds AES67 support to our TF series mixers. This will allow TF mixers to connect to Ravenna networks in live sound and other applications where they are already popular, further enhancing their versatility and value to our customers.”

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