Why Choose a Digital Mixing Console ?

Key functions POSSIBLE with digital, IMPOSSIBLE with analog:

  • MEMORY – Store and Recall of ALL audio & routing parameters. Reduce sound-check and prep time with “one button” access to your mix setups.
  • SIGNAL CONTROL – During your production, change one or ALL parameters, on each or ALL Input and Output channels simultaneously.
  • REMOTE MIXING – Mix, or recall preset mix “scenes” via wireless PC or handheld Remote Control, in addition to using the control surface.

EASY ACCESS, Simplified Control Surface:

  • Commonly used controls shared with each input/output channel
  • Color views of Signal Parameters assist in creating your mix
  • Operation configurable to knowledge level of user via USB “key”

Mixing AND Processing in one; less net cost vs. most analog systems:

  • Extensive Signal Processing within all Input and Output channels
  • On-board “rack” of Effects and Graphic Equalizers – no budget or physical space required for peripheral processing, patching, and AC.

Quick to Learn & Operate:

  • A one-hour basic orientation, and you’re mixing your production !
  • Step to “level 2” to create mixes impossible using any analog console.
Proven by the Pros:
  • Award Shows, Broadway, Concert Tours, HD Broadcasts, and Grammy- winning Music Producers have all embraced digital consoles since 1986.

If you’ve decided that a digital console fits your criteria, now consider choosing the company that’s been innovating professional digital mixing consoles and supporting its users for thirty years running ! …

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